FAQ - Why Should I List Items on Free.Auction?

Tired of eBay's high fees?  Us too.

Do you want an eBay alternative? - We only want to provide a fast, easy, inexpensive and an alternative way for merchants to sell their items at auction.

Do you want to pay no fees? * (See our fees) - We seek to provide fair and reasonable fees, or none at all.

Do you want more exposure of your items? - Get your items listed in more places than one. Free.Auction is there for you to gain more exposure or your items in the search engines, and social media. Get your items listed on our twitter feed too!

Do you want  to support an alternative market place? - In an ever centralized market place, we can provide you a viable alternative.

Do you want to accept bitcoin and other altcoins as payment for your items? - COMING SOON!  It's here!

Do you want to be one of our first merchants and receive veteran future perks? - At some point we will designate a specific number of our first merchants as veterans, who were there in the trenches with us from the beginning. They will receive a future perk.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider listing your items on Free.Auction!