Help - eBay Importer

Free.Auction's importer will import your entire eBay listings complete with all images, title, and description. No need to spend hours manually entering in your items information and uploading pictures. It is done automatically!

IMPORTANT: Before you import any of your eBay items, please make sure your profile on Free.Auction is complete to include the information listed below. This will make it easier so you do not have to go back and edit each and every item with this information later. 

- Your Country & State
- Your address/Post code
- At least one payment method (ie: PayPal, CoinBase etc.)

Then go to: Home > Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Prefilled Fields and make sure this has all the information your new eBay imported items will have by default. An example would be to have checked:
- Enable Auto Relist 
- Relist Until Sold
- Your payment gateways you accept

Now you are ready to import your eBay items:

1. When logged in, go to your:  Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Ebay Import  as seen below.

2. Input your eBay username, the importer will then query your eBay account and let you know how many listings you can import to Free.Auction.

3. You can either choose to have the new imports be Drafts or Live. Drafts will put in your: Members Area > Selling > Drafts area.

4. If this is your first time importing your eBay listings, you can select All without duplicates or if you want to restart an import which got interrupted you can select New Items Only. Click Upload and wait. It could take up to a minute for a single listing depending on how busy our server is and your internet speed. You may experience an unresponsive browser, please be patient. Do not migrate away from this page while in progress!