Help - Setup Your Postmen API

Do You Need Postmen?

Free Auction provides you with USPS and UPS shipping carriers. Even if you don't think you will use other mail carriers, it is strongly suggested to setup your Postmen API for the most accurate shipping rates from all carriers. If you need more than these you can follow the steps below to set up many other postal carriers for your use. To enable only USPS and UPS now, you can go to your Members Area:

 Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Postage Setup.

Otherwise, continue setting up your Postmen account.

Setting up Postmen:

1. Go to the postmen website and setup an account.

2. Once setup go to your Postmen API section and copy your API key as seen below:

3. Go to your Free.Auction Members Area > Selling >Seller Tools > Postmen Shipping API and paste your key. 

For API Mode, select Production and then Save Settings, you are done.

Setup Shipping Carriers in Your Postmen Account:

Now go back to your Postmen dashboard and select the Shipping Carrier icon:

Setup Shipping Carriers in Postmen

Find and setup the shipping carriers you would like to use in your Postmen account. These will give you and the buyers access to real time shipping rates for your items and allow you to print labels all from Free Auction.

Last Step - Enable Your Shipping Carriers

Now in your Members Area of Free.Acuction, enable the shipping carriers you setup with Postmen. Go to your:

Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Postage Setup  

to enable your shipping carriers:

Now your shipping accounts will show up in your Postmen Shipping API page: